Public procurements – The State’s market research

Public procurements are basically nothing more than the state’s market research. As every sane individual, sustainable household and successful business does not just purchase the first item that is presented upon them but they search what is best by evaluating their quality and price.
This is what state does via the public procurements. It declares its needs to the public and let the businesses come to it with the best possible offers. The suitability of an offer is based on two criteria, and both of those should be defined clearly in each and every public procurement.
The lowest price: a simple bidding system, with the detail that if a bid is deemed too low it can be rejected, after having been asked for explanations by the supplier concerned and judged to be inadequate.
The most advantageous offer: the guarantee is based on a set of qualitative selection criteria (eg the agreement of the offered material with the technical specifications of the declaration, the suitability of the material for the purposes of servicing the purpose, the guarantee of good operation or maintenance, etc.)
Isn’t this pretty much what each and everyone does when they need to acquire something new? However, there is one big difference, when a bidder judges that their offer has been underrated they have can proceed to an appeal for revaluation, something that merely happens when you buy a new laptop !

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