The eighth national discussion forum “Construction in 2019 – Prospects and Challenges”

The eighth national discussion forum “Construction in 2019 – Prospects and Challenges”, took place in Sofia in the end of September.
It brought together key figures from state institutions, municipal administrations and business to build a constructive dialogue on the issues of the industry, its prospects and the construction opportunities in 2019 and till the end of the 2014-2020 programming period, as well as the expected challenges and problems, the overcoming of which can be sought with a concerted effort.
From the beginning of the next year, the entire procurement will be done electronically, Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev said during a discussion forum “Construction in 2019 – Prospects and Challenges”, held in September in Sofia. This will create some difficulties in the beginning, but after a few months of active use, the approach will make the work easier for everyone.
Mr. Donchev payed attention on contracting authorities, who set up the criteria for the tenders to focus not only on price, but also on operating and maintenance costs over the years. The Deputy Prime Minister, thinks that the most cowardly approach is the award at the lowest price. “This approach is certain, but its added value is relatively low,” added Tomislav Donchev.
3 billion BGN will be invested in road projects in 2019.
At the forum, Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Petya Avramova, said that construction is expected to be one of the motors of economic growth in 2019, as good growth rates will be maintained in the housing and infrastructure sectors. 2019 will be key for road construction.
She informed the participants, that the ministry experts are been working on regulatory changes for the warranty periods for new construction and road repairs.

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