Public Procurement Legal framework and regulations improvements in Bulgaria

Amendments of 18 October 2018, which enter into force on 1 March 2019, concerning the whole procurement cycle, include:

  •  Value thresholds;
  •  New requirements at the forecasting and planning stage;
  •  New Purchaser Account Requirements and Ad Assignment Rules
  •  New moments in filling in the Single European Public Procurement Document (EEDOP) by mergers;
  •  Defined circle of obligated and «third parties»;
  •  Requirements for proving the competence of proposed experts;
  •  Change of concepts related to the establishment of administrative breaches in the separation of the PP Tenders;
  •  Amendments to the appeal procedures;
  •  New moments related to the functions and control of the Public Procurement Agency (PPA).

On October 18, 2018, the transitional paragraphs in the PPL, which introduce compulsory use of the electronic procurement platform, are abolished. The implementation of the platform will take place in two stages. It will be fully completed with all the functionalities by the end of 2020.
From 1 November 2019, the provisions implementing the mandatory application of the national electronic platform from the opening of procedures to the receipt and opening of electronic applications to participate and tenders, as well as electronic communication in the course of the award of contracts, will come into force. By that date, it is planned to carry out training, testing and registration of users in the platform, with a view to smoothly and smoothly switching to e-procurement.

From 1 January 2021, all the platform’s functionality will be introduced.

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