Public Procurement opportunities in Portugal

More than 480 Million Euros was the amount available for SMEs between the days September 17 and October 5 in Public Procurement opportunities in Portugal.
This is the number presented by Jorge Duque from IAPMEI- Instituto de Apoio às Pequenas e Médias Empresas e à Inovação in the Conference organized in a partnership with the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Madan Parque on October 11, about “Business in Public Markets”. This conference was supported by the Secretary of State for Industry and brought together some of the main players in public markets with the objective of sensitizing SMEs to the opportunities and business potential of these markets.
Besides all the opportunities available and, the amounts available, Ana Lehman – the Secretary of State of Industry and the platforms present, agreed in some crucial and critical points for the participation of SMEs that are also common to other european countries. The Procurement by itself that should be updated in line with rising costs of products, production and labor. The price, that shouldn´t be the main focus/metric to win the bid. And the costs of applications, in particular with the timestamps.
So, the conference participants retained an important message. They must take part in Public Procurement and grow their business, always counting on the support of existing platforms as well as the conference partners through their experience, knowledge and close connection to the business world.

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